Mrs Hada López has been working since her arrival in Quebec, and more precisely since herbeginnings as a professional writer, to forge fraternal links between the Latin American community and Quebec society.


In September 2013, she founded the collective of writers and multidisciplinary artists ILWIT, to work for the international promotion of Quebec know-how; but also to carry out cultural actions with social impact in El Salvador, her country of origin.




1.- Contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of Salvadoran women and their families in underprivileged areas, by promoting Canadian human values ​​and Quebec artistic know-how


2.- Counter violence through the arts


3.- Contribute to the change of educational patterns through the facilitation of playful and artistic parent-child activities, to create quality moments in the family


4.- Contribute through reading, play and laughter to improving the daily living conditions of Salvadoran children and adolescents from disadvantaged families


5.- Participate in the creation of safe and egalitarian places of artistic training and recreation for young people and their families


6.- Participate in the empowerment / empowerment of women and youth


7.- Educating young Salvadorans about environmental conservation and cultural heritage


8.- Promote the Canadian Francophonie


9.- Making El Salvador the Gateway to Québec Literature for Youth in the Central American and Hispanic Caribbean Markets

The COLLECTIF ILWIT wishes to contribute to the integral formation of the individuals whatever their age, also to develop their interest for the conservation of the environment and the cultural heritage.

Le COLLECTIF ILWIT est un regroupement d'écrivains et d'artistes québécois qui souhaite contribuer à construire un meilleur environnement, libre de toute violence, pour le développement des enfants et des adolescents salvadoriens issus de familles défavorisées. Le collectif désire promouvoir des actions qui aideront à inculquer aux jeunes salvadoriens le goût de la lecture et des expressions artistiques variées, ainsi qu'à les éduquer en regard de la conservation de l’environnement et du patrimoine culturel. Ceci avec l’intention de les aider à avoir un meilleur avenir. Le collectif est sans but lucratif et exige de ses membres une implication bénévole dans la mesure du possible.


Collectif ILWIT : Province de Québec (Canada) 

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